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DOVERIE - United Holding PLC
DOVERIE - United Holding PLC ranks among the leading players at the Bulgarian economic scene and follows its major investment goal: to generate steady incomes for its shareholders both from dividends and by increasing the market value of the Company's shares.
This task is being consistently pursued by the means of:
  • Investments in and management of profitable enterprises.
  • Introduction of innovative advanced technologies in production activities.
  • Releasing financial resources from "dead" assets and re-directing them to purchase of new production lines and equipment.
  • Sale of minority packages of shares and concentration of resources at most favorable market conditions.
  • Diversification of investments into various market sectors aiming at stability and sustainability of the economic basis.
  • Maintaining uniform corporate policy for similar businesses - budget framework, production rules and regulations, certification mechanism, financial reports and accounting, in-company monitoring and control, human resources management.
  • Retaining strict discipline and intransigently adhering to the rules of business conduct.
DOVERIE - United Holding PLC holds 20 companies operating in 6 industrial branches and located in 15 cities in Bulgaria and elsewhere in Europe.
Every share of DOVERIE - United Holding PLC entitles the holder to:
   - one vote at the General Assembly of shareholders;
   - dividend proportionate to the share's nominal value;
   - liquidation quota.

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